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3D Tender Surf Rescue 400


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4 M

1.7 M

70 KG

20 HP


The SURF RESCUE 400 is a lightweight, inflatable, demountable boat.

The speed with which it can be deployed offers an answer to an emergency situation for rescue professionals.

The design of the SURF RESCUE 400 and its inflatable keel make it extremely maneuverable and stable, it can easily cope with rough seas, and has a large load capacity for a boat of its size.

Its practicality is also proven by its large handles strategically positioned to facilitate transport, its front cover that offers additional storage capacity sheltered from the spray, as well as its safe-line that runs along the tubes to secure the passengers on board the SURF RESCUE.

The tubes are available in PVC Valmex® from the German company Melher or in HYPALON ORCA® fabric from the company Pennel et Flipo


PVC pipe
2 Oars
Carrying bag
Repair kit
Safe-line and front grab
Carrying handle
Front storage cover


Length: 4 M
Interior Length: 2.7 M
Width: 1.7 M
Interior Widtth: 0.8 M
Depth: 0.76 M
Dead Rise Bow:
Dead Rise Transform:
Tube Diameter: 45
Air Chambers:
Weight: 70 KG
Tube Inflation Pressure: 0.25 bar
Passenger Number: 6
Max Load: KG
Max Power: 20 HP
Engine Shaft: Court
Design Category: C
Fuel Tank: L