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3D Tender Superlight Twin Vib Air 330

3.3 M

1.53 M

35 KG

10 HP


With its gull wing shaped hull, the Superlight Twin VIB Air is designed for boaters looking for speed and comfort, especially in rough seas.
Inflatable, foldable, easy to store in its carry bag, the VIB Air is equipped with two interchangeable protective covers (one black and one white) in neoprene for maximum durability.

The Vib Air is designed with a high pressure Drop Stitch honeycomb inflatable floor providing great stability on board. The one-piece, non-removable floor is glued directly to the boat structure.
It is equipped with 4 stainless steel lifting rings for use on davits or other.

The 3D tender team has selected for this product the best PVC fabric on the market made in Germany for the Mehler brand.
This fabric, called Valmex®, has been tested under various sailing conditions and has met our brand's requirements in terms of quality and durability.

Like all folding dinghies in the 3D Tender range, the VIB Air is equipped with an adjustable aluminium bench, a pair of oars, an inflator and a carry bag.


High pressure honeycomb floor
2 neoprene tube covers, velcro fastened
Adjustable aluminium bench on slide rail
3 carrying handles
Ultra wide drag strip
Repair kit
Transport bag


Length: 3.3 M
Interior Length: 2.16 M
Width: 1.53 M
Interior Widtth: 0.68 M
Depth: M
Tube Diameter: 42
Air Chambers: 3 +1
Weight: 35 KG
Tube Inflation Pressure: 0.25 bar
Passenger Number: 4
Max Load: 566 KG
Max Power: 10 HP
Engine Shaft: Short
Design Category:
Fuel Tank: L
Bag Dimension: 90 x 45 x 40