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Ext 2600 Bunk Galvanised Boat Trailer


Suitable for dinghies up to 24'(with overhang), 27' hard boats and 7.2m ribs.

With a trailer weight of 550kg, it can take a boat weight up to 2050kg.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.


  • Heavy duty ladder Frame
  • 2 AL-KO axles
  • Waterproof sealed bearings
  • 1m bunks
  • 5 Heavy duty keel rollers
  • Heavy duty height adjustable winch post
  • 165R13" wheels
  • 42mm jockey wheel
  • 2500lb Dutton Lainson winch
  • Light board on extendable bars
  • Overall length: 7.50m
  • Overall width:  2.37m