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EPropulsion Tech Specs

Motor Safety
Input power: 1 kW Kill switch to stop
Motor weight 10.6 kg IP67 waterproof protection
Three shaft lengths: Propeller collision emergency stop
Extra short 525 mm (for small tenders) Reinforced transom mounting
Short 625 mm Low battery indicator
Long 750 mm Over temperature protection
Battery specification Ease & convenience
Battery capacity: 1276 Wh Integrated foldable tiller - easy stowage
Battery life: 500 cycles at 80% DoD Integrated display - runtime, power etc
Battery weight: 87 kg Solar panel recharge compatible - max 180 W
Flotable, waterproof to IP67 Protective beach mode
Battery charging time Propeller
Solar, mains & 12 volt Prop size: 28x14.7 cm / 11' x 5.8'
Fast charger: 3.5 hours Tilt angle 70°
Standard charger: 7 hours Trim angles inc 0°, 7°,14°, 21°
Battery management system Drive
Lithium-ion polymer battery Stepless forward & reverse control
44.8 V nominal voltage 360° tiller steering, direction lockable
52.2 V final charging voltage Direct drive
33 V cut off voltage Rated RPM 1,200
Charging temperature 0° to 45°C / 32°F to 140° F 316N / 71 lbs static thrust
Operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C / 14°F to 140°F 55% overall efficiency
Hibernation mode - when not in use Natural cooling
Field oriented motor control

Three shaft lengths

ePropulsion electric outboard comparison with petrol outboard

Electric outboard comparison with traditional outboard engine

The data below shows the efficient propulsive power of the ePropulsion electric outboard. Compared with the combustion outboard, it produces very similar power whilst using the energy far more effectively.

Power & range ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus Average 3.5hp petrol outboard
Trolling speed runtime: 13 hours 5 hours
Half speed runtime: 5 hours 2.5 hours
Full throttle: 75 minutes 42 minutes
Energy stored: 1.27 kWh 9.7 kWh
Energy efficiency: 55% 5%
Power at propeller: 550 w 570 w
Spec comparison Electric outboard features Traditional outboard features
Drive mode: Direct drive - more torque, no gears Gearbox + cables
Maintenance: None Every 50 hours
Cooling system: Natural cooling Seawater cooling
Starting: Electric - button press Pull start
Runtime display: Yes No