Superlight Twin Air 290


3D Tender 290 Superlight Twin Air Inflatable boat.

 The lightest Airdeck tender on the market. 

Having taken two years to design the 3D Tender Twin Air range is designed to make redundant the old fashioned tenders that are heavy, bulky, hard to stow and usually difficult for a person to handle alone. The Twin Air tender comes supplied in a back pack style bag and will stow easily in most lockers saving space and most importantly weight. 

The honeycombe high pressure airdeck gives you rigidity and the aluminium bench seat on adjustable sliding rails gives you the comfort and adaptability you need. 

3D Tenders are made from the highest quality materials that offer exceptional durability, and deliver fantastic performance and functionality all at a very competitive price. Quite simply the best Yacht Tender on the market today. 


  • Length (cm) 290
  • Width(cm) 136
  • Tube diameter CONIQUE 40 / 34 CM
  • Max.passengers 4
  • Max. load 510KG
  • Total weigth 16.9 KG
  • Number of airtight chambers 3+1
  • Directive Européenne (N°94/25/CE) ISO 9001
  • Shaft Short
  • Recommended min. power 2.5 HP
  • Recommended max. power 10HP
  • Authorized max. power 10 HP
  • Dimension in bag 98 cm X 48 cm X 28 cm

Product Video


  • High pressured floor with honeycomb construction
  • Aluminium bench
  • Pump
  • Repair kit
  • Paddles
  • backpack for storage and transport