3D Tender Xpro 370 Safety Aluminium RIB


The 3D Tender 370 Safety boat has been specially designed to meet the requirements of Sailing Clubs and Training Centres. An Ultra strong marine grade aluminium hull delivers exceptional durability that will ensure many years of problem free service in the even the toughest of conditions and hard use. Additionally the Aluminium Hull delivers exception weight saving benefits allowing the boats to be launched and recovered with fewer people and has the added benefit of needing less powerful engines which saves money . Heavily reinforced Valmex tubing featuring additional bow protection as well as over sized side straking delivers durability and safety all around and a double thickness “Auto Draining” deck mean that the boat will always be dry even when left on the mooring. Towing eyes are integrated into the hull and the transom is heavily reinforced removing any possibility of damage during heavy towing. In short, the 3D Tender Safety 370 is a bullet proof work horse capable of delivery many years of secure and reliable service easily matching the challenging demands of any Sailing Club or Teaching Organisation.


  • Length (cm): 370
  • Width(cm): 156
  • Tube diameter(cm): 45
  • Max.passengers: 6
  • Total weight: 75KG
  • Number of airtight chambers: 3
  • Shaft: Short
  • Authorized max.power: 25hp