XPRO RIB Aluminium 390


The XPRO RIB range includes 7 models all made of PVC Mehler Valmex® Technology (German fabric) thermo-welded or glued hot also available in Orca Pennel & Flipo Hyperlon.
Combining a sporty and elegant design, the XPRO RIB is ideal for those who need a comfortable and lightweight boat. Each model is equipped with a rugged aluminum hull with a double floor and a front locker for storing the anchor (360, 390, 415).
These boats offer incredible performance and cruising speeds with much smaller engines offering more economic boating all-round. The PERFECT family choice!

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  • Length (cm): 390
  • Width(cm): 186
  • Tube diameter: 45
  • Max.passengers: 7
  • Total weight: 69 KG
  • Number of airtight chambers: 3
  • Directive Européenne (N°94/25/CE): ISO 9001
  • Shaft: Long
  • Recommended max. power: 25 HP
  • Dimension in bag: 70 cm X 45 cm X 26 cm


  • High pressured floor with honeycomb construction
  • Fabric PVC Melher technology Valmex® glued or welded seams
  • Inflation valves
  • Aluminum hull, anti corrosion treated
  • Marine paint on aluminum powder
  • Anchor well
  • Locker
  • U-bolts of lifting and towing the hull integrated
  • Slip coating UV resistant marine
  • Ultra wide band chafing

  • Protection bow

  • Double References
  • Aluminum bench slide

  • Pump, Paddles, Repair kit


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