Unbraked Motorboat Trailers

The Kalf Unbraked Motorboat product line features trailers with a gross weight of up to 750kg and have a number of different “Pack” options which allows each trailer to be  specialised for a particular usage. The standard specification is the Motor Pack and is suitable for all types of RIB and Motor boat. Other options include packs for Keelboats, Sailing Dinghies as well as Ski boats and Non Rigid Inflatables. Please see the price list for details and contact us for further advice.  


D- series: 600 kg / W=1.6 m / Length max. 4,5 + 5,0 m

L- series: 650 - 750 kg / W=1.7 m / Length max. 5,0 + 5,5 m

R- series: 750 kg / W=1.9 m / Length max. 5,2 + 5,7 m

The photos below show the D, L and R series with the Motor Pack option and with cantilevered frames which are standard on the D and L series and optional on the R series.