Twin V Shape 160 Air Deck Tender

  • Building on the outstanding success of the Superlight Twin Air the new Twin V Shape Tender range sets new standards in performance and quality.

    The Twin V Shape Tender features a honeycomb, topstitched inflatable deck with a V Shaped hull that delivers exceptional directional stability and seaworthiness.

    Like all 3D Tenders, the new Twin V Shape range is made from the highest quality  PVC material that offer exceptional durability, and deliver fantastic performance and functionality all at a very competitive price. Quite simply the best Yacht Tender on the market today.

    1. Length (cm): 160
    2. Width(cm): 129
    3. Tube diameter 30 CM
    4. Max.passengers: 1
    5. Max. load: 180 KG
    6. Total weight: 11.5KG
    7. Shaft: Short
    8. Recommended max. power: 2.5 HP
    9. Dimension in bag: 90 cm X 45 cm X 26 cm